[header title=”IPGSDESIGN FOUNDED BY ISAI SYMENS IN 2009 IS A PRIVATELY HELD MULTIFACETED MARKETING COMPANY AND FULL SERVICE DESIGN STUDIO.”]Ipgsdesign founded in 2009 is a privately held multifaceted marketing company and full service design studio.[/header] We provide a variety of tailored services for established musicians & record labels from a simple consulting to AVP’s (audio visual presentations) to email marketing, digital distribution & social network promotion. We create our own in-house brands, websites, digital magazines, publish Books, and we create 3D computer animated content. Over the years Ipgsdesign has build a vast network of independent freelancers and industry professionals worldwide. We believe in vertical integration, consistent brand image from inception to execution, ass well as making strategic partnerships with marketing and media-related companies and assets.

If u desire more information about us, our projects, partnerships or the way we operate? Feel free to contact us any time.

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